Allium schubertii–A Fireworks Explosion!

July 4, 2012 by

Like the founders of our country, I'm sort of a rebel myself. And that's probably why I was so
captivated when I saw this nonconforming little guy...

After all, most of us think of alliums as bulb plants with strappy leaves usually withering as the flower stem grows straight up with a tight ball of flowers on top. But not Allium schubertii!

No, this guy's flower ball reminds me of a fireworks display caught in mid-explosion. Approximately 100 spindly flower stalks of unequal length, each ending with a rose/purple flower, create a large and loose 6-inch diameter flower umbel. Others say it reminds them of something from outer space.

After blooming, fluffy seedpods form providing additional interest. Excellent drainage is very important for this plant and zones 5 and 6 need to provide additional winter mulch protection.

Thank you to van Bourgondien's Dutch Bulbs at for this picture reminding me of the Fourth of July festivities!

Allium schubertii photo from van Bourgondien's

It looks like she is holding a sparkler!


  1. Laila

    Wow that is a gigantic flower, you really should keep that in mind when planting but it looks absolutely amazing, almost as if it is not from this planet...

  2. crafty_cristy

    Thanks for posting. I am visiting from the FB page You Can Grow That. What a cool plant!

  3. [...] Allium schubertii – A Fireworks Explosion! [...]

  4. Benita

    Oooo, I like this variety--it seems to explode. I also like the the way flowering draw bees into the garden. Nice post.

  5. Elsa

    Sooo Awesome! Great bloom WITH multi-season interest!

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