Educating Customers

 Convert Visitors Into Life-Long Customers


My Pinterest article was reprinted in numerous state landscape associations' magazines...

Educate them (but don't call it education) and tell them the joys of them discover and learn. People of all ages are fascinated by gardening and growing plants and foods. But did you know the number one fear of new homeowners is "looking stupid" to their neighbors and thus, they don't do anything with the landscape except maintain it!

Where do your current customers come from? Are they local neighbors? How far does you "sphere of influence" range?

You've probably experienced the thrill of having first-time customers come in as a result of a promotion you've run. Did you have them sign your guest-book? Did you capture contact information in some way? If so, GREAT! That's half the battle.  Have you been contacting them?

And I don't mean just sending them a note whenever you have a sale.

Build Relationship With Your Customers

Customers want relationships. I know you've heard this before. At every trade show, someone presents information telling you to update Facebook,  send newsletters, and tweet. The bottom line is simple...send customers information and build that relationship. Let them know you are thinking of them.

However, if you haven't been gathering contact information...well, all I can say is "it's time to do it." Guest-books are fun, sign-ups for free newsletter and notification of upcoming "Events and Sales" is also very effective.

My expertise is working with garden centers, arboretums and botanical gardens. I have a degree in horticulture and experience working in the business. I combine these with my educational background and online writing skills to increase customer count and loyalty.

Contact me...let's start the education!