What Can I do for YOU?

The short and sweet is that YOU have a business to run. You probably don't have the time available to do everything. Don't take me wrong, I know you want to... but with ordering, sales, deliveries, financial reconciliations, inspections, watering, payroll, employees, schedules, weather concerns...the list is endless and you're wearing "too many hats." Many garden center owners and managers feel like they're going in circles trying to do everything. STOP! I want to help you.

How can I do that?

I'm Glad You Asked...

I've discovered most garden center owners wear from one to six extra "hats." Therefore, depending on how you would like to shed your extra hats, I offer a process to transfer each of the hats from your head to mine. This means if you're not wearing that hat, you are able to do what you do best-make money by selling your plants.

Here are the six hats (plus a special one):

1. Being Discovered
Times have changed. Word of mouth, and maybe a newspaper ad, used to be good enough to bring in customers. Now people use social media, websites, and cell phone GIS platforms to find what they need. The question is, are they finding your garden center? When I put that hat on, I will review your social media, mobile local placement and your website to find the gaps and help people find your garden center.

2. Web Presence
Is your website pulling its weight? I have a checklist I use to give each website a thorough analysis. From ease of navigation, to layout strategies, links and calls to action, all website components are evaluated. And, never fear, Search Engine Optimization is also included to ensure all applicable keywords and phrases are utilized to the satisfaction of the "spiders." Don't forget, we can also use You Tube and Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. Let's get your garden center on the first page of search results!

3. Customer Communication
Email communication with your customers is good. Informative newsletters are even better. Automation of customer subscriptions and unsubscribing is a major time-saver. When I take this hat from you, you won't worry about adding and deleting subscribers. Nor will you worry about what to write, when to write or how to write. How many hours per week or month would this save you? Most of my customers have struggled with this hat for years and are relieved to pass it on.

4. Content Management
Would you like a market larger than your region? Want to be an internet authority? We need to begin building your site's content. Informative on-line articles of current interest such as the effects of weather, hot gardening trends and specific infestations or concerns will get you there.

5. Marketing
What type of business do you want to become? On-line product sales and joint ventures may bring customers from around the world. Pay-per-click ad campaigns, direct marketing, Facebook ads, print advertisements are all possibilities.

6. Store Consultation
Do you really know what your customers think about your store? Do you know how your employees treat the customers? Could your store's merchandising be improved? These are all good questions. Let's consider having a Mystery Shopper review the store and employees or have a professional "shadow" customers to see how long they stop at different displays. Later, a well crafted survey can obtain valuable feedback about the displays, merchandising and store layout. Believe me, the results are well worth it.

"Special Hat" 

Maybe you could use a newsletter? Click here to learn more about how I can help you with a newsletter.

So, What's the Cost?

You're probably wondering, "what's the cost?" I'm not trying to be evasive, but the answer is "it depends."

When you buy a car, there's a base price and then you start adding extras and the price goes up. But have you noticed as you add extras, the price drops when "package" enters the picture? Pricing service is just like that. If you want two basic blogs (or newsletter content) every other month, the price would be around $450. If you want two basic 350 word blogs per week, every week, the cost would probably be around $175 per week. We could call it a quantity discount and the work is scheduled.

The same is true for other services. If we package two blogs per week, with social media activity, the price per blog decreases. We can "package" any services to accommodate your budget. I understand and will work with you to provide the most value for every dollar.

I am a firm believer in the "plan your work" principle. Therefore, before we decide what to do, we need to decide the goal. Then we'll decide how we can do it. Contact me...let's get started!